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Mobile machinery

Commercial transportation is also a unique application area for sensors. The power of our professional accessories or auxiliary systems paves the way for customers and clears the way. We offer special sensors for difficult environments such as excavators, cranes, forklifts, agricultural machinery, wasteland, firefighting equipment.

This heavy industry mobile machine requires sensors to overcome challenging environmental factors. For example, daily high temperatures, freezing, rain and snow, salt roads, chemical corrosion, radio frequency interference, and the most intense shock and vibration.

The automotive or shipbuilding industry places higher demands on EMC specifications, which must meet e1 or GL certification levels. In the process of tailoring to the needs of our customers, we have greatly improved our ability to integrate customer needs into product performance.

Our inductive sensor range is made of dense stainless steel and the outer casing is insulated to avoid the dangers of cutting liquids and metal shavings. We also offer inductive and tilt sensors that simulate displacement measurements.

Guided by the market demand for mobile devices, we design sensors that are rugged and diverse, and stand out in the market.

Mobile machinery service

Including: agricultural and forestry machinery, public service vehicles, construction machinery, logistics, etc.

Agricultural forestry machinery

Forestry machinery

Tractor, harvester, soil
Cultivation equipment, agricultural sprayers

Public service vehicle

Public Service

Bus, city service vehicles such as
Garbage trucks, especially emergency vehicles such as fire trucks

Engineering equipment


Dump truck, concrete mixer,
Excavator, crane.



Fork lifts, truck cranes, aerial work platforms,
Or a stacker for container handling

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  • 4. Reduce service docking costs

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